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Features Specifications: Satibo Capsule/100 Chinese Herb-sex medicine,sex capsule,herbal medicine,sexual enhancer, sex pill Satibo capsule is 100 natural herbal based capsule, which has taken China, Japan,the USA, UK and the Middle East region, even the total wld by stm. Satibo will give you a wonderful sex life.

Here you will find answers to some questions you may have regarding satibo capsules.

What are the maj benefits of using satibo?
Satibo is a 100 herbal remedy, which stimulates and enhances sexual and sensual experiences. This ancient Chinese recipe can be used to combat many fms of sexual dysfunction. Even if you dont suffer from any sexual problems, you can still take satibo to experience great sex.

Are there any side effects of using satibo?
Some pharmaceutical variants have been known to cause side effects, whereas the natural ingredients in satibo cause none.

How does satibo wk on the body?
Satibo increases the blood flow to the erectile tissues within the penis, which in turn will increase the penis size, sex drive and staying power, while promoting a feeling of heightened sexual arousal.

Is satibo classed as an herbal remedy?
All of the ingredients found in satibo are 100 herbs, found naturally and extracted
from their sources within controlled conditions. There is also an herbal food supplement, contained within the capsules f nutritional value.

Who should use satibo?
Satibo is suitable f anyone, from people who simply wish to enjoy a me satisfying sex life, to those who may suffer from Impotence in some fm another.

Can women take satibo?
Satibo capsules are also suitable f women, to increase sexual desire and also promote feelings of well being.

When should satibo be taken?
The capsules are rapidly absbed into the body, due to very finely processed ingredients. We therefe recommended consumption of satibo, 1 hour befe sexual intercourse.

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